High-quality and reliable HVAC-equipments


We`ll provide HVAC-contractors high quality instruments with very competitive availability and pricing.

Our instrumentation products have very high operational reliability and they fit to all modern building automation and HVAC-control techniques.

Our actuators fit to all control systems and controllers, and could be installed to nearly 200 different valves without any considerable installation costs.

We gladly calculate quotations for all size of instrument and actuator deliveries.

Single deliveries from stock and larger lots according contract.

Dear Customer,

ALSTek Oy is established in 1997. Our main branch of business is to provide HVAC-contractors high quality instruments and actuators.

We represent German manufacturer Gruener GmbH, who`s control ball valves, valve actuators and damper actuators we are importing to Finnish markets.

Additionally, we import seat control valves and actuators from Taiwan under branch Luenway.

Our customers are building automation suppliers, HVAC-contractors and HVAC-service providers.


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